PM Modi to meet MPs of 7 states over breakfast today


Prime Narendra Modi Narendra Modi, in a breakfast meeting with BJP MPs from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, encouraged them to uncover the Opposition’s endeavors at “misleading” the people on his government’s stand on Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and the GST regime.

In what is the fourth such meeting with party of BJP MPs from different States, Mr. Modi said his government’s pro-poor and pro-backward communities strategies be highlighted.

An announcement issued by the BJP said Mr. Modi “let them know [the MPs] that the Opposition is misdirecting individuals about the administration’s choice to accord Constitutional status on the OBCs’ Commission and the GST Act”.

“BJP individuals ought to study realities and comprehend the Opposition’s untruths. They ought to take this to the people. They ought to educate the masses that the Central government is working for poor people,” it stated, citing the Prime Minister.

Opposition parties have been affirming that the BJP government is attempting to disband the OBC Commission as a feature of its battle to end reservation in government occupations and instructive establishments.

A MP who went to the meet said Mr. Modi had a prominent that being in power ought to involve greater modesty with respect to the BJP MPs while serving the general population. “MPs expressed gratitude toward Prime Minister Modi for conceding Constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission, at standard with the Scheduled Caste Commission,” said the MP.