PM Mark Rutte led in the Dutch parliamentary elections, first exit polls say


Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s liberal rightist party led in the Dutch parliamentary elections, as per to the final exit poll with the right wing populist party PVV staying far behind, media reports said.

On Wednesday, The definite exit poll released determined the VVD won 31 situates in the 150 seats in the House of Representatives, news agency reported.

The PVV, the centre-right Christian Democrats CDA, and the radical liberals D66 were required to accumulate 19 situates each. The green liberal GroenLinks got 16 seats, trailed by the radical Socialist Party SP with 14 seats and the PvdA with nine seats.

The measure of 31 seats implies lost 10 seats for the VVD contrasted with the past decisions in 2012. The PVV increased four seats contrasted with the past races, however the outcome was thought to be a failure for its pioneer Geert Wilders, since his gathering had since a long time ago drove pre-race surveys.

The PvdA, or the Labor, which shaped the active coalition government with the VVD, is the greatest washout in the decisions, as indicated by the last leave survey.

Compared to 2012, CDA gained six seats, D66 won seven more seats, and SP lost one seat while GroenLinks became the biggest winner with a gain of 12 seats.