PM Doesn’t Listen; GST, Note Ban Hit Economy, says Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi


Rajkot: Striking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration for taking big decisions like demonetization (note ban) and the GST regime “without listening to anybody”, on Wednesday Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi conveyed that this decision influenced the backbone” of the nation’s financial system.Image result for Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi further conveyed that this is the dissimilarity between the Congress’s beliefs and the BJP’s beliefs. Congress pays attention to each person and then executes this big type of decisions. But BJP did not listen to anyone and has executed the GST and note ban, which influenced the backbone of nation’s financial system.

He further conveyed that when I informed former PM Manmohan Singh about the PM’s big decision, he did not react instantly…as he was shocked. Relating with the small and medium business enterprises, teachers and doctors at Hemu Gandhavi Auditorium, he conveyed that the hard among all jobs in India is to be honest politician as it suffers the most.Image result for Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi

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He guaranteed the trader community that he would force administration to shorten the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as it has hit the small and medium entrepreneurs badly. He further added that service can be produced only by endorsing small and medium industry, as big industry could not make employment on a scale that the country requirement.Related image