Plane crashes off Venezuelan island with nine people aboard


With nine individuals in it a small jet on board slammed today off the coast of Venezuela as it was endeavoring an emergency arrival. It’s not known whether there were any survivors.

The Gulfstream 3 jet was worked by a Venezuelan government office in charge of transporting public officials. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said the plane had left from Margarita Island and detailed a mechanical failure around 1:45 p.M. Local time.

It attempted to come back to the airplane terminal however the disappointment increased and it went down in gem blue Caribbean waters around 45 miles (75 kilometers) from the coast.

There was no affirmation of who was ready the plane yet Reverol said that seven of the nine were pilots or staff working for the government organization, fueling speculation they may have been performing training works out.

No less than 100 individuals are taking part in a search for the aircraft, he said.