Places to visit in God’s own country Kerala


Travel: Kerala is the place where the busy fast moving India slows down. A narrow strip of land with Arabian Sea on one side and Western Ghats on the other side. Thanks to this geography, much of the monsoon winds shower their blessings to this small piece of land, making it lush green and everything glows.

And this has gifted us a land of fertile soil which makes the ideal place for spices to be grown beyond comparison. It was this difference that caught the Arabic and Dutch traders to take such huge risks and reach this beautiful land in search of spices (especially black pepper).


Situated at 1524-metre altitude on the Western Ghats, the tourist place Munnar makes you wonder if it is the birthplace of beauty. The lush green landscape, waterfalls, lakes, forests and tea plantations make this place a heaven on earth. The place offers spectacular view of misty valleys and lakes. You might never have believed that watching tea plantations continuously might be so absorbing and interesting. You can have your share of adventure here as you can go paragliding, trekking and rock climbing.

Kerala Backwaters

Your trip to Kerala cannot have any meaning if you miss a cruise on the Kerala backwaters. The backwaters of Kerala form a network with interconnected canals, lakes, rivers and inlets. Various cities and towns are the starting points and destinations of Kerala backwater cruises. Cruising on Kerala houseboats in the backwaters is one of the most favored attractions here. In the serene atmosphere, you could see aquatic creatures in action and observe birds as the boat gets by. You get to watch people working in the fields. Boat cruise lets you enjoy the ride on water while still connecting you with the activities on land.


Kumarakom is located near Kottayam. It is one of the famous attractions of Kerala. It is bird watchers’ paradise owing to the 14-acre bird sanctuary, a favorite ground for migratory birds. Kumarakom is also a spectacular backwater destination and hence you can go on a boating ride here. As Ayurvedic massage is done here, the place is a favorite for everyone who seeks to relax body and mind.


Thekkady offers a great chance to view wildlife while on a cruise. You can find various wild life species here including elephants, tigers, deer, bisons and many more. Elephant rides are available here to take you inside the forest. Plantations and hill stations offer a picturesque setting to the place. You can go on a trek here. Some of the most important tourist attractions in Thekkady are Periyar River, Murikkady and Chellarkovil.

Varkala Beach

One of the most important features about Kerala is the Ayurvedic massage given at Varkala Beach. Varkala is famous for Ayurvedic massage and the place itself is in a wonderful setting. The beach and the mountain make the place attractive. You would not want to miss the sight of sunset here. The beach is clean and offers a great relaxation. You could stretch and let your eyes feast on the tranquil atmosphere or go for swimming and enjoy a great physical exercise. One of the most important aspects about the beach is that it is less crowded and hence you can have your space without being disturbed.


Kovalam is yet another stunning location in Kerala The largest of all the three beaches is the Lighthouse Beach. Hawah Beach is the second largest one here and the third beach isSamudra. Kovalam is one of the most sought after destinations in Kerala.