Places to explore in Gulmarg!


Gulmarg which is known as resort town is enclosed by Mount Apharwat and encompasses snow-topped mountains. Indeed, even today, the ‘glade of blooms,’ draws in huge numbers of guests in the mid year who come here to ride on the planet’s second most noteworthy link auto, play golf, and take hack rides to the ice sheets at Khilanmarg and further up to Al Pather Lake. In the winter, Gulmarg changes into an artificial Alpine ski resort with its renowned worldwide powder drawing in outrageous skiers from over the world. Gulmarg is a four hour drive from Srinagar.

There are a few spots to visit in Kashmir that symbolize the city’s rich history and culture.


With its brilliant red slanting rooftop surrounded against the frigid crests out of sight, this little Shiva sanctuary displays a striking picture in a side of the fundamental knoll in Gulmarg. Its distinguishing strength is gotten from Bollywood: the site where the mainstream ‘Jai Shiv Shankar,’ tune in yesteryear’s hit ‘Aap Ki Kasam,’ was given, it’s a prevalent spot with guests for a photograph operation. It’s likewise a major goal amid the celebration of Shivratri.


The Gulmarg Golf Club, is among the most fabulous courses in the nation, conceivably the world, to tee it up at. With 18 holes extending more than 7505 yards, including the 665 yard standard 5 fourth gap, combined with the lifted tees, here and there fairways, and punishing harsh, it shows a serious trial of physical and hitting the fairway capacities. It is likewise the most elevated green course in the nation and undeniably the most real Scottish connections style design in the land.


A dazzling snow capped lake, open after a difficult trek past an edge of Mt. Apharwat (came to through the link auto) Al Pather stays solidified for a large portion of the year. While genuine trekkers can examine making the whole trek from Gulmarg—a one-day issue—the vast majority will locate the taking a horse ride up sufficiently daring. Al Pather Lake’s environs are frosty, even in the mid year, and powerless to sudden showers. It’s basic to convey woolens and satisfactory assurance against the components.


You can trek up from the Gulmarg transport stand in the event that you like yet a more judicious far up includes roosting yourself on the back of a horse. Following a bone-crunching hour long ride, Khilanmarg develops in view as a covered knoll of blooms in the mid year, and a solidified breadth of snow in the winter. There’s some ice in the upper reaches even in the late spring months and there are sled-administrators who’ll take guests on hair-raising ride from one end to the next. Picturesque perspectives flourish from any corner—the southeast edge bears wonderful vistas of the twin pinnacles of Nun and Kun.