Place these idols of Lord Ganesha at home!


Lord Ganesha is worshipped firstly among all the deities. Everyone keeps the statue of Ganesh ji at home or shop as it is considered very auspicious. It is fact that when you position God Ganesha at the right time and right place, then you will always get happiness and prosperity in the house. Today, we are telling you about different idols of Ganesha which you must worship and bring on different days. Check out :

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• An idol of Lord Ganesh built by Kristal is considered very effective in removing the Vastodhusha. You must worship Lakshmi along with Ganesh Ji to bring wealth at home.

• There is a tradition of setting up the statue of Lord Ganesha at the main door of house. You must place  the idol of Ganesh ji made of mango, peepal and neem at the main door of house.

  • The statue of Lord Ganesh provides positive energy in the house which is considered auspicious.

Benefits of lighting up Diya

• In the Sunday or Pushya Nakshatra bring the statue of Shvetarka Ganesh home and worship them regularly. This statue of Ganesh ji is considered as a wealth and happiness factor.