Place for Romance: Florence, Italy


Romance is in the air and the world is filled with stunning destinations for the perfect romantic getaway. Imagining the romance of Florence is easy enough, but it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of tourists in this historic and popular city. Take a breath, realize you can’t do everything in one trip and focus on making memories that will last long after you return home.

Skip the big tourist restaurants and go for a quaint side street mom-and-pop, likeCacio Vino. Enjoy a glass of Prosecco with snacks for your “aperitivo” (a common drink special with two to three small snacks included) or dive into a delicious homemade lasagne made fresh daily.

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What could be more romantic than an evening stroll along the river that flows through the heart of Florence? You can even perch yourself on the walls of one of the bridges along with the locals and watch the sun go down.

Spend a day bike riding from Florence to the Tuscan countryside, and past romantic olive groves, vineyards, medieval castles and hillside villas. The ride can be done with a tour group, which includes a wine tasting at the end of the day. Or rent bikes separately to make the same trip.

Attend a mid-afternoon wine and cheese tasting in a Florentine wine bar, where you will try the finest Tuscan wines and learn about the culinary history of the region.

Buy a lock and key then take a walk to the Ponte Vecchio Bridge where you will find locks linked together across the structure.  Make a wish with your loved one, link your lock to the others, and toss the key over the bridge.  This tradition is common among the Italian youth.

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