Why to place clock in the right direction at home? Check here..


According to Vaastu Shastra, several things are there things that hold significance at home.  The most important thing is Clock. In Vaastu, it has been said that which direction is auspicious to place the clock on wall. People use clocks at different places for home decoration but they do not take care of the directions which sometimes become problematic to them. Today I am telling you about significance of placing clock on wall.

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(1) The clock is considered an important part of the house decoration. If a clock or an image is placed on an empty wall in the house, then the beauty of that house takes four-moons. Before applying the clock, keep in mind that it should not be placed in south direction. This direction is considered inauspicious for the clock.

(2) When placing a clock on the wall, remember that the clock is neither placed above the wall or below the wall. Place it in the right direction where you can see the clock easily while working. North or west direction is considered to be very auspicious for setting the clock.

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(3) Never forget to place a clock above the door because it is not considered auspicious in Vaastu. Place the clock in the bedroom or in front of your eyes. It will benefit you.