Piyush Goyal: E-commerce will not affect small-scale businesses


JAIPUR:  Union Minister Piyush Goyal has alleged that e-commerce platforms would not affect small scale businesses. In future, small shops will get expanded in comparison to shopping malls.

GST Council approved by Cabinet

Union Minister of State for Power, Coal and Renewable Energy said, “The relevance of corner stores was increasing and big malls were becoming unviable.”  

"The relevance of small shops would not lessen. In America and Europe, the number of corner stores is increasing whereas the big malls are being shut down. In the era of e-commerce, the relevance and importance of small shops would only increase," Goyal added.

"Delegations come to us to express concern over the impact of supermarkets and e-commerce on small businesses but I do not see any concern because I understand that supermarkets are now becoming unviable and e-commerce will only benefit small businesses. Corner stores and shops will continue to be relevant," he said. 

When contrasted with grocery stores, products bought from little shops are less expensive. The client not just needs to pay more for the merchandise additionally needs to spend on stopping, nourishment and so forth at the shopping centers,

On another note, Goyal said legislative issues is a "way to serve the general public". He said there were sure traditions in the general public which should have been "dispensed with".

"The time has come to connect the group with dynamic governmental issues and serve the general public all in all. Individuals from the group have the ability to serve it with genuineness and more individuals ought to approach to do that through legislative issues," he said.

The Union clergyman regretted the way that even following 70 years since Independence, almost 20-22 crore individuals in the nation were without power.

"Crores of understudies are denied of good instruction. They are compelled to drop out and work at homesteads. The purpose for this is great individuals did not join governmental issues. I need to give power to each family unit. This too is a group administration as it were," said Goyal.

He said in the coming years, the eastern states would get Rs 3.25 lakh crore from the closeout of coal squares and the cash will be spent on open administration and welfare of individuals.

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