Your phone is ruining your skin in these ways

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Mobile phones can no longer said to be a luxury item. They have become a crucial part of today’s tech-savvy world. However, there’s a copious amount of addiction attached to it as well. With so many benefits, mobile phones also have many adverse effects on our internal systems, especially on our skin.

Check out the 5 ways in which your Smartphone is ruining your skin.

Neck problem- 

The repetitive movement while using the cell phones results in the decrease in the elasticity of the skin around the neck. To avoid this problem, don’t let your neck hang for a long time. Also make sure to adjust your posture each time you look at your phone.


As cell phone is exposed to dust and dirt, it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. Each time you put it against your face it collects sebum and grime causing acne. Therefore, make sure to wipe your screen whenever you use it. Use earphones to answer calls and avoid touching it against your skin.
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Overexposure to the light from your screens can result in premature hyper pigmentation and age spots, causing skin to look uneven and damaged.


Premature ageing-

Blame your cell phone for the premature ageing!
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To avoid any such situations, do not keep your phone directly next to you whilst sleeping and keep it aside when on charge.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures