Phillippines Drug War : British Baron’s daughter Shot Dead


The daughter of a British Baron was shot death during a brutal crackdown against drugs in the phillippines.

Maria Aurora Moynihan, aged 45 was found dead on the streets of Manila on September 10 in Quezon City next to a sigh reading”Drug pusher to the celebrities you’re the next”. Maria was shot five times on the chest before being dumped on the streets of Manila.

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Moynihan was the daughter of the 3rd Lord Moynihan, a British peer who fled to the Phillippines in the late 1960s following fraud allegations. Baron Anthony Moynihan was linked to drug smuggling, fraud and prostitution. He ran several brothels and was allegedly active in drugs trafficking until 1991, when he died of a stroke.

The Chief Inspector said to the media “Witnesses told us they heard a series of gunshots, then saw a vehicle leaving the area. Packs of methamphetamine were found with her body.”

The CCTV footage of the place where Moynihan’s body was found showed a vehicle come stop and open its gate along deserted street. The police had begun the investigation.

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