Philippine president wants to be friends with Trump, Putin


MANILA, Philippines  — The Philippine president, who has lashed out at President Barack Obama for criticizing his deadly crackdown on drugs, said his ties with the United States are likely to improve under Donald Trump, but that he is also excited to meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin at an upcoming Asia-Pacific summit.

President Rodrigo Duterte made upbeat remarks about both the president-elect and Putin at a news conference late Tuesday in Manila.

Asked whether his ties with America can improve under Trump, Duterte replied: "I'm sure, we have no quarrel. I can always be a friend to anybody, especially to a … president, chief executive of another country."

Duterte, who has been contrasted with Trump in view of his flippancy toward opponents and faultfinders, said he believed the U.S. president-elect's judgment and anticipated that him would be reasonable in managing individuals living in the U.S. illicitly. 

Filipinos are one of the biggest ostracize assembles in the United StatesHis agreeable comments were a takeoff from his remarks on the battle field in March, when he disliked being contrasted with Trump. 

"Donald Trump is a biased person, I am not," Duterte told The Associated Press, alluding to Trump's proposition to restriction Muslims from entering the U.S and erect a divider along the Mexican outskirt. 

Duterte, 71, has had a cold association with Obama and the U.S. government since U.S. authorities communicated reservations about his hostile to medication war, which is thought to have left more than 4,000 individuals dead since July. He has advised Obama to "go to hellfire" and reported his "partition" from America, his nation's bargain partner, amid a state visit to China a month ago.