Petrol, diesel rates to be decreased by Rs 2 per litre from today


New Delhi: BJP government on Tuesday slashed the price of petrol and diesel by Rs 2 per litre to restrain the persistent increase in fuel prices faced since last three months.

Rupee up 17 paise to Rs 65.33 against US Dollar

“Govt of India has reduced Basic Excise Duty rate on petrol and diesel [both branded and unbranded] by Rs 2 per litre w.e.f. 4th October,2017 (sic),” the finance ministry affirmed.

Cost of petrol and diesel will be decreased by the price of duty reduced with effect from Wednesday.

Prior, petrol price Rs 70.88 per litre in Delhi whereas a litre of diesel is cost at Rs 59.14.

Since 4 July, petrol cost has increased by Rs 7.8 per litre whereas diesel prices have reached so high following rates increased by Rs 5.7.

“This (excise duty cut) has been done to cushion the impact of rising international prices of crude petroleum oil and petrol and diesel on their retail sale prices,” it stated.

Rupee up 17 paise to Rs 65.33 against US Dollar

The plan to alter the costs of petrol and diesel was taken by three State Oil marketing companies (OMCs) indulging Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum from June 16, 2017.

States Petrol (Rs Per Litre) Diesel (Rs Per Litre)
68.38 Per Litre
56.89 Per Litre
77.5 Per Litre
60.43 Per Litre
71.25 Per Litre
61.05 Per Litre
Goa 70.49 Per Litre 59.5 Per Litre
Haryana 71.16 Per Litre 58.46 Per Litre
Jammu-Kashmir 70.09 Per Litre 57.93 Per Litre
Rajasthan 70.98 Per Litre 60.88 Per Litre