Where to perform Pitra Paksha Shradh rituals?



In India, religious traditions, culture, customs, and conventions are considered important. In a nation that reveres more than 10,000,000 divine beings, all customs and ceremonies identified with celebrations are held in high respect. These hold an exceptional place in individuals’ lives as well. In the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, comes the day 15-days long stretch of Pitri Paksha.

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Pitri Paksha Significance

Pitri Paksha is a critical period to pay tribute to one’s predecessors and left relatives. It is amid this period the sacred custom of Shradh is performed. Shradh is performed to assist one’s precursors’ spirit and other perished relatives’ souls with gaining flexibility from the material world and look for moksha or salvation.

It is said in the Shrimad Bhagvat Gita that the souls are unfading, not at all like our physical selves. Our body perishes yet our spirit keeps on living. When dead, the spirit leaves the body and goes through the Yamaloka until the point when it achieves a definitive domain.


As we definitely realize that performing Shradh is critical to assuage our progenitors, playing out this custom at essential explorer places is considered very favorable. Here are 7 vital explorer places where performing Shradh puja is viewed as favorable.

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Bodh Gaya is a well known pioneer goal in India. It is said individuals visit this place to look for peace and illumination. Subsequently, it is an able goal to perform Shradh ceremonies. Gaya is known to have limbo powers, i.e. the individuals who are looking to exoneration or salvation of their wrongdoings. This place has been specified in Hindu sagas, for example, Mahabharata and Ramayan. In the long time past days, it was known as Gayapuri. Pind daan and Tarpaan offered here are considered exceedingly propitious.


Varanasi is an essential pioneer goal in India. Arranged on the banks of Holy waterway Ganga, scores of individuals rush here to offer petitions to look for opportunity from the cycle of birth and demise, and moksha. Waterway Ganga has the forces to wash away sins. Along these lines, the custom of pind daan is performed at the Pishachmochan Kund to conciliate the souls of the progenitors. Individuals visit Varanasi in the long stretch of Magha and in addition to perform Shradh on Chaturdashi Amavasya.

To mollify every single withdrew progenitor’s souls, Shradh is performed on Chaturdashi , i.e. Sarvapitru Amavasya day. To know increasingly and offer Shradh on this day, click onSarvapitru Amavasya Puja

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Dabbed with delightful sanctuaries, the city of Mathura has for quite some time been a vital journey goal. Pind daan and Tarpan, some portion of Shradh ceremonies are led at the Vayurtirth. It is trusted that offering Shradh customs here will help free the souls from this material world.


Jagannath Puri is celebrated for its Rath Yatra however this popular traveler goal circumstance in Odisha is likewise a critical place for Pind daan and Tarpan amid Shradh.