Suprising ways to enhance beauty of your lips

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‘Fashion’ word itself means trendy and modish. If we talk about boys or girls, they have started molding themselves as per environment. Woman and girls are regularly seeking ideas from celebrities to look modern. Youngsters these days leave no chance to apply lipstick in every outfit. They feel lipstick is necessary part of their makeup and it is the only thing which makes them look trendy. It is necessary to properly apply every make-up product. Today we are telling you some ways of applying lipstick. Check out:

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Always scrub your lips lightly before applying lipstick. First of all, apply moisturizer or coconut oil on the lips and rinse your lips with toothbrush with light hands and then clean it with tissue. After that lipstick apply. Your lipstick will not harm your lips and it will last for long hours.

When a girl or woman applies lipstick, one thing comes in her mind that ‘I wish this lipstick last for a long time.’ So, for this purpose, several women purchase long lasting lipsticks. But such lipstick removes natural moisture from lips and your lips look dry.

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Before applying lipstick, do outline of your lips and then apply lipstick. Your lipstick will last for long time and your lipstick will look beautiful.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures