Perfect places to visit across world as per weather


Traveling is everyone’s first love as it gives peace to them and provides relaxation too from busy schedule. The best thing happens when there is a lack of mobile connectivity. This article is about the weather of some places in foreign that may give you thrilling experience. Check out:

These places across the world are best to get peace

Wellington City, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Wellington city is considered to be the world’s most airy city. People witness strong winds at all times here and the average speed of wind has been noted at 29 km per hour.


Kuwait is believed to be the hottest city around the world. The temperature here remains less than 34.3 degrees.

Aswan City, Egypt

This place comes under the category of most dry cities of Egypt. This place witness less rain drops. Many times Aswan City didn’t face rainfall for years.

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Yakutsk City, Russia

The city of Yakutsk, which is located in Russia, is considered the coldest city. Many times the temperature here is less than 51 degrees.