Perfect places to visit with your best friend


Travel while you’re still young. Lose yourself to find your own self. Live like there’s no tomorrow. And whatever you’ll explore today will last a lifetime with you.

Party in Goa

goaUnarguably, Goa has to be the amongst the first few places to visit in India in your twenties. Young and energetic! Amazing nightlife, variety of booze, beach shacks and dirt cheap prices. Goa has everything to make a trip memorable.

 Paris, France

franceWhat better place to drink some champagne and eat a baguette? Plus, you can wear adorable berets together.

Best Places In Shimla

Explore the Ghats in Banaras

BanarasThe oldest city in the world, Banaras paints the spiritual picture of India. Banaras may not be on the list of places to visit in India before you turn 30, but the beautiful ghats, the aartis and prayers, a boat ride along the calm banks could change this picture forever.

Stay overnight at Marine Drive in the never sleeping city of Mumbai

marine driveThe city that never sleep and lets you live a carefree life. Mumbai is about its people, the spirit of enjoying the nightclubs and of course Bollywood. Live like a mumbaikar, bite into the vada pav and sip a chai on your way to the locals.

Face the Unknown at the Bhangarh Fort

bhangarhBhangarh fort is on every daredevil’s list of must visit places in India. Known as one of the scariest places in India, according to folklore, it is believed that the entire town of people seemed to have vanished in a day. Get ready to be spooked on your trip here!

Visit Golden Temple in Amritsar

amritsarLearn to respect culture and religion before you turn 30. Visit this spiritual getaway that promises the nourishment of the soul. Spend some time in the India’s largest kitchen as you help clean the utensils or prepare langar for the visitors. The experience is simply worth it.

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