Perfect home remedies to get rid of cough


The problem of winter coughing is common when the weather is changed. But sometimes the cough grows higher, which causes many problems. If you are also troubled by the problem of cough, today we are going to tell you some of the measures that can be used to cure your cough immediately.

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If you are facing the problem of cough, then to get rid from this problem, follow this. Add some black pepper powder to ghee and heat it on a low flame. After getting hot, take it out of the flame and add the sugar mixed in it and consume it. If you consume it for 2-3 days continuously, it will give you relief in cough.

The use of Halite salt (sendha namk) can also provide relief in the problem of cough. For this, heat a piece of Halite salt on a low flame. When the Halite salt piece turns red, put it in the water and take it out. Now drinking this water while sleeping at night, you will get relief from cough.

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