Perfect food for Gorgeous Skin and Healthy Hair


These super foods are very beneficial for health as it makes hair healthy and skin shiny. It makes hair gleaming and provides shine to the skin. Check out what type of food you must consume:

Consume Green Vegetables: It involves all essential vitamins, vitamin B and iron. You must eat vegetables including spinach, broccoli as it have great amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals that plays significant role for hair and skin.

Eat Oats: One must consume oats during breakfast as it is very healthy. It contains great amount of fiber, antioxidants that is very beneficial for hair and skin.

Take Lemons:  Lemons have ‘skin and hair’ cleansing properties that works well on skin and hair. Add lemon drop in your diet. Apply lemon on face as well as scalp as it make your hair dirt free and provides glow to face.

Use Papaya: It contains great amount of vitamin A and enzymes. Vitamin A is very helpful for skin as well as hair. It includes Vitamin A that produces sebum that work as a natural conditioner for the scalp.

Egg: Egg yolk is best for skin and hair. It involves vitamin A and a water soluble vitamin B which is known as biotin.