People With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may Not Enjoy Normal Sex Life: Researcher


Post traumatic stress disorder develops after a person gets exposed to a terrifying event. People who have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may feel stressed or frightened even when they are no longer in danger.

Living Without Sex Not Healthy Even for Those Females Who Are Surviving Without It

Researchers have now found that PTSD-related biological and cognitive processes may contribute to the development of sexual dysfunction following traumatic stress. Thus, even young people with PTSD may experience difficulties in enjoying a normal sexual life as they may associate arousal with threat. 

Researchers conducted a literature review pertaining to PTSD and sexual function. Amy Lehrner from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York and co-author of the study said, "It is clear that PTSD is associated with sexual problems, even among relatively young people regardless of the type of trauma they experienced. We need to better understand this relationship and develop new treatments for sexual dysfunction in PTSD that will improve quality of life and promote resilience among trauma survivors." 

The authors said, "Trauma exposure can profoundly rupture an individual's sense of safety and the ability to trust and feel connected to others." 

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