People are spreading negative influence in the name of religion: Manmohan Singh


New Delhi: On Thursday Congress chief and past Prime Minister Manmohan Singh conveyed that few people are “spreading negative pressure in the name of religion”.

In New Delhi on Thursday he made comment in an Eid Milan festival, hours following Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized killing of cow in the name of worship.

He also further conveyed that, we have to remain in brotherhood and make an atmosphere that is in accord with the way exposed by our Constitution and the law. He further added that, the people living in India will have to guard it by walking mutually side by side.

Hours former, PM Modi had told nobody in the nation had the right to take the law into their own hand and that there is no place for violence in society.

Singh’s and Modi’s remarks came a day subsequent to thousands of citizens crossways the nation took to the streets to protest next to the present executing of Muslims and other occurrences of communal and caste-based violence.