People Jump Onto Vegetable Truck to escape burning building, here’s the video


Shot in north China’s Hebei, a terrifying video demonstrates individuals bouncing from the third floor of a burning building and onto a vegetable truck in a bid to get away. Everybody caught in the burning eatery miraculously got away, thanks in no small part to a truck carrying bean seedlings. As per the video description, the occurrence occurred on June 3.

In the video, individuals can be seen hopping onto the vegetable truck from the third floor of the building, one after the other, as the seedlings break their fall and give a soft cushion. Bystanders at the scene then bring a ladder to help them down from the truck that accidentally happened to be passing by at the time of the fire.

The video was presented on Facebook and YouTube by People’s Daily, China. Watch it below:

On Facebook, the video has gathered more than 1.3 lakh sees in only 11 hours. While many have said that the truck driver who stopped to help stranded individuals is the real hero, one analyst kept things light with a vegetable pun:

“They can all say they have bean there and done that.”