PeeCee charged Rs 15 crore for promoting Assam tourism?


Getting Bollywood celebs to underwrite a crusade can make the campaigners shell out a heavy value that can blaze a major opening in their pockets. Well in any event, that is the thing that has happened on account of Priyanka Chopra who has been marked by Assam government to be the face of their tourism battle, 'Awesom Assam'. According to the reports, the on-screen character has charged Rs 15 crore for 10 days shoot and that goes to Rs 1.5 crore for every day. While her global star status is required to do marvels and help Assam tourism bigly, the way that PeeCee charged such over the top sum for the battle hasn't run down too well with many individuals. Numerous have lashed out at Priyanka for charging such over the top expenses particularly when the state is reeling under major monetary emergency and is attempting to adapt up subsequent to being hit with one of the most noticeably awful surges at some point back. Two months prior, the representative had said there is huge weight on the state exchequer and is not in a position to fulfill its budgetary requests. "It can scarcely meet its fundamental responsibilities like compensations, benefits," he said.

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Presently whether Priyanka ought to have charged such over the top expenses or ought to have done the battle for nothing is a questionable level headed discussion that most likely beyond words too early.

Nonetheless, the workplace of the state Tourism Development has sent a letter that expresses that the media reports about her charging that sum were false. Her representative likewise included that despite the fact that the performing artist has been drawn closer for the same, there have been no discussions about the cash yet.

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