‘Peacocks Don’t Have Sex’ Rajasthan Judge’s Comment Stumps Twitter


“Peacocks don’t have sex”. That odd comment originated from a Rajasthan High Court judge and it kept Twitter snared to their keyboards for quite a long time.

That comment was made by Judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma who, on Wednesday, prescribed that the cow be given the status of India’s national creature. In his contention, the judge contrasted the cow with the national bird, the peacock, and depicted both the species as “devout”.

This was his clarification for the piousness of the peacock – “The peacock is a long lasting brahmachari (chaste). It never engages in sexual relations with the peahen. The peahen gets pregnant after swallowing the tears of the peacock”.

But that they do mate, the same number of on Twitter brought up. Some even posted recordings.

He likewise recommended that the peacock is celibate and that is the reason it was worn by Lord Krishna.

Twitter went into overdrive with their thought on Mr Sharma’s view with #brahmacharipeacock and #sanskaaripeacock showing up in many tweets.