Pawan Kalyan Demanded Guilty for his fan’s ‘killer’


HYDERABAD: Filmstar Pawan Kalyan has requested that the blameworthy in the homicide of his fan in Kolar of Karnataka ought to be seriously rebuffed. On Monday morning, Pawan Kalyan traveled to Tirupati from Hyderabad in an exceptional plane and met the group of Vinod Kumar and supported them.

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Pawan's fan Vinod Kumar, a designing graduate was wounded to death purportedly by a fanatic of on-screen character Jr NTR on Sunday in Kolar of Karnataka.

"Saint love by fans ought not go to the level of killings. I am tormented at the homicide of Vinod Kumar and have come to comfort the lamenting family. The liable in the homicide ought to be extremely rebuffed," Pawan Kalyan said addressing the media in Tirupati.

Pawan Kalyan likewise said Vinod had wanted to go for higher concentrates abroad. Investing extensive energy with the family, he reassured them.

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"It is basic for fans to appreciate their saints and have some negligible contentions. Be that as it may, depending on homicide is something that can't be acknowledged," he said.

Vinod Kumar who has a place with the neighborhood Pawan Kalyan Fans Association used to effectively partake in social exercises. On Sunday, he, alongside a companion went to Kolar for one such capacity where he promised his eyes. A few enthusiasts of Jr NTR from Bengaluru additionally sought the project.

At the capacity, Vinod Kumar lauded Pawan Kalyan which was not absorbable to Jr NTR's fans. A contention between them followed. As the circumstance was leaving control, the other people who went to the capacity realized a rapprochement between them.Be that as it may, at some point later, Akshay Kumar, an aficionado of Jr NTR, took a blade and cut Vinod Kumar in his stomach. While a lavishly draining Vinod was being hurried to the healing center in an auto, it supposedly hit a street divider. Getting into another auto, they took him to another healing center however Vinod Kumar passed on in transit. Akshay Kumar was captured by the police.

The group of Vinod Kumar was stunned on becoming more acquainted with about the episode. "Regardless of being in such distress, the family gave the eyes of Vinod Kumar as he had vowed them," Pawan Kalyan said.

Jr NTR has not reacted to the episode so far. The performer's prospective film "Janata Garage" is set for discharge on September 2. Like other Tollywood legends, Jr NTR has fans in Karnataka too.Towards July end, he went to Bengaluru to visit a feeble disease tolerant who was his fan.