Passengers soaked as ceiling leaks amid delta flight, here’s the video


Tom McCullough was making a trip from Atlanta to Florida on a Delta Air Lines flight on Friday when he accessed the in-flight shower. But he didn’t ask for it and the shower in question was the leaky ceiling. Mr McCollough and a few others were forced to sit in their seats during the course of their flight even as water dripped from the plane’s ceiling.

Recordings from the flight indicate Mr McCollough holding magazines to direct the water far from him. In the video, the pilot can be heard making the declaration for departure as Mr McCollough cheerfully holds the magazine.

“How much were these tickets, hon?” his better half inquires.

“These tickets were for $1,800,” he admits to his wife while still holding the magazines.

The recordings of the drippy adventure were then uploaded on Twitter by his child.

At least half a dozen travelers were soaked in the flight and since it was a completely booked flight, travelers couldn’t be moved anywhere else.

‘He sat there for well over an hour, the flight attendants were made aware of the situation before takeoff,’ his child told to media.

The flight crew reportedly didn’t make a move until the plane started its descent for landing when they just simply stuffed the roof with tissue paper.

The airline offered Mr McCollough a $100 voucher for the inconvenience.