Paris Auto Show : Volkswagen To Reveal Pathway To Future


The announcements from car companies about the plan to reveal a concept can be easily ignored as they are just press – speaks designed to get attention. The new features are nothing but just mildly interesting upgrades to the existing models. But Volkswagen has promised to reveal something very special this year at the Paris Auto Show.

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The company says that the concept to be unveiled in Paris is something special and something as important to the world of automobiles as the original Beetle which is a big claim by the company and something to be looked by a closer look.

Senger says to expect a large HD display, haptic feedback, and gesture controls as part of the package. “The car of tomorrow must feel like a mobile device on wheels”. More important than all that gee whiz stuff is range. Senger says the new car will be scalable, with range offerings between 400 kilometers and 600 kilometers. Those numbers translate to between 240 and 360 miles, probably depending on the size battery the customer prefers”.

VW board member Jürgen Stackmann says, “We want to use Paris, basically, as the lighthouse to show you where we are heading as a brand, There are so many tremendous things happening at VW at the moment. We are taking big, bold decisions fast to really get the brand moving and we are excited to show you the first glimpse of that at the Paris Motor Show”.

The Volkswagen does not want the car to get in production until 2019, and when it would go on the scale it will be marked as a 2020 model.

There will be a large number of electric cars on display in the Paris Auto Show. The smart automobile companies will show the electric versions of their present models while the Mercedez Benz would also present a new concept from its next generation electric cars.

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