Parents disappointed by school fees hike


The hike in the fees of schools has forced parents to fight the issue. Parents are disappointed by the school fees hike because it is increasing day by day.

The fees hike in the schools from the past three or four months has been a constant source of tension and trouble for parents all over India.

In major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kerala, Hyderabad it has become a major issue and parents are seen doing protests against the matter.

In some cities though, the issue has reached judicial corridors.

Reasons for hike:

1. The school's fee hike depends on how the land is sourced on which it has been established, as they have the burden of a loan to be paid.

2. Apart from land cost, school managements also sustain the cost of building the school and provide infrastructural facilities

Protest has been done by the parents in Hyderabad and Hyderabad School Parents Association have launched campaign named “missed call campaign” for parents. The associations asked the parents to dial a number on a given day if they wanted the regulation of the school fees.