Paper news reading app closed by Facebook


The Company "Facebook" has taken decision to close down its Paper news reading app on July 29.

People who have already installed this app will get the notification that you would no longer be able to log into the app.

Facebook stated, “We know that Paper really resonated with you–the people who used it–so we've tried to take the best aspects of it and incorporate them into the main Facebook app. For example, the same team that built Paper also built Instant Articles—a fast and interactive experience for reading articles in News Feed—using many of the same tools, design elements, and fundamental ideas as Paper. Our goal with Paper was to explore new immersive, interactive design elements for reading and interacting with content on Facebook, and we learned how important these elements are in giving people an engaging experience.”

Facebook had build up the “Paper App” for the mobile platform to get the content from variety of sources including status updates from Facebook and articles from partner media companies, just like Flipboard.