Panna Tiger Reserve: Translocated tigress gives Birth To 3 Cubs


BHOPAL:  Once again a birth has been given by Translocated tigress to three cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) on Tuesday. The information was revealed by the foresters of the Madhla area in Panna district.

For the fith time the translocated big cat (T-1) has given birth to cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve where once all tigers got extinct due to poaching.

"Under the tiger re-introduction programme, T-1 was translocated from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to Panna in 2009 and it became successful when the big cat gave birth to four cubs on March 16, 2010," an official release said.

He said,“This day is being celebrated in the PTR as birthday of tigers every year since then.”

Official said, "On February 1, 2012, T-1 again gave birth to four more cubs. Later, on October 1, 2014 the same big cat gave birth to two more cubs and majority of them were male tigers.”

He further added that, “T-1 is now ten-years-old and her radio collar was being changed twice during the period. Through radio collar, the forest officials keep a track of her movements.”