Panda twins conceived in China’s Sichuan Province


A female panda named Yaxing brought forth twins in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the ninth pair to be conceived at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in last two months.A male whelp, weighing 179 grams, and a female fledgling, weighing 89.4 grams, were conceived on Friday, panda master Wu Kongju at the Chengdu base said on Saturday, including that the offspring were healthy.

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Yaxing, who will turn 14 in two weeks, seemed, by all accounts, to be quiet with her infant whelps than first-time mother pandas. Yaxing had additionally brought forth twins in 2014.

The infants came hot on the heels of the current year’s eighth twin whelps, likewise conceived at the base, on Tuesday, state-run Xinhua news organization reported. The base commended the births of the current year’s first panda twins on June 20 when Yali conveyed two female whelps.

Yaxing-who will turn 14 in two weeks-had all the earmarks of being quiet with her infant offspring than first-time mother pandas. She figured out how to hold the couple after they were conceived. Yaxing had additionally brought forth twins in 2014.

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