Panaji Mayor boat capsizes in creek, Rescued unhurt


New Delhi: Panaji Mayor Surendra Furtado was part of a cleaning drive gone disarray on Monday when the cleaning boat he was riding on capsized in the creek. Panaji, two journalists and four others had a lucky escape without hurt. 

On a drive to clear out weed from a creek in a locality, the Panaji Mayor had gone with six other associates to de-weed the creek. But when the boat operated among the heavy thickets, the boat started to wobble, and with the weight of seven men, the boat slowly capsized. The Mayor had invited the media to cover the de-weeding of the Campal creek on Sunday morning.

“I am lucky to survive. It is God’s grace,” Furtado said, after he was pulled ashore by onlookers. Anil Lad, head of In-Goa, a local cable TV news channel, said: “The boat’s machinery had just started de-weeding, when it tilted and all of us, including the boat operator fell into the water.” No one was injured in the accident.