Pammi Aunty to host Comedy Nights Bachao 2


Actor Ssumeir Pasricha recognized as Pammi Aunty will be seen in reality show Comedy Nights Bachao 2 which is telecast on Colors channel.  Pasricha and Mona Singh will replace Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh as a host.

“The format of the show will also get changed. The makers might get rid of the celebrity roast structure.” Sources said.

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“I won’t be a part of the entire episode, but there will be a Pammi Aunty segment. It was started more as an experiment, but it was an instant hit with people once I started uploading the videos on social media. Now the character will have a wider platform. As Pammi Aunty is famous for her satirical and humorous take on everything that is in the news, I will continue doing that and people will still see her talking on the phone with Sarla behenji,” Ssumeir added.

“Pammi Aunty has a large following and I will continue making short videos, which was what made her famous in the first place,” says the actor who has already shot for the first episode of the second season.

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