Pakistan’s Largest City Elects Prisoner As New Mayor


Pakistan's biggest city Karachi has chosen as chairman a government official who is as of now in prison on subversion and psychological oppression charges. 

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Waseem Akhtar, a previous clergyman and legislator from the intense Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), won the survey with 196 of the 294 votes cast by the city's metropolitan powers. 

Akhtar was captured in July and blamed for requesting a wicked crackdown on uproars in 2007 when he was serving as common home clergyman. He was later captured on rebellion and psychological oppression charges. 

Akhtar's survey triumph on August 24 came a day after powers charged Altaf Hussain, the self-banished pioneer of the MQM, with treachery for actuating brutality. 

Hordes of MQM laborers assaulted the ARY News TV office on August 22, shooting shots and crushing the premises after a discourse by Hussain. The specialists later conflicted with police outside, abandoning one individual dead. 

Law requirement offices blame MQM for racketeering, kidnapping, torment, and murder in its offer to look after force. 

The gathering denies any connection to wrongdoing.

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