Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch killed by brother at Multan



Famous Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch died as his brother strangled her to death last night, i.e Friday.

During T20’s World Cup, Qandeel Baloch gained international popularity when she assured everyone that she will strip on camera if the Pakistan Cricket Team would defeat India.

She was known as Pakistan’s Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey. She was famous for her bold statements and appearances on national TV.

According to the Pakistani newspaper, The Express Tribunal, “Qandeel was strangled to death by her brother in Muzaffarabad’s Green Town area”, A police officer told The Express Tribunal.

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Her death was confirmed by Qandeel’s father this morning.

 According to the parents, “Waseem, 30, strangled her to death last night after an argument with her”.

Their parents have been taken into the supervision while the search for the brother has begun.

From some time, Qandeel had been receiving threats by her brothers regarding her modelling career while Qandeel was planning to settle abroad after Eid.

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“I know I will not be provided security and I am not feeling secured here so have decided to move abroad with my parents after Eidul Fitr,” Qandeel had told The Express Tribune.