Pakistani Media loves Kannada Actress Ramya


BENGALURU:  Kannada actress Ramya has become a 'media celebrity' in Pakistan. Few days back she had given a controversial comment "Pakistan is not hell". Ramya has hit the headlines by giving such a statement.

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The complaint has been filed against her by some of the Indians. One Indian said, "Ramya, neither is India Hell as well. Politicians spread hatred just for job security". Another said, "Pakistanis should not start defending and praising her at this time. We will do more harm than good to her goodwill gestures."

Pakistan Newspaper reported, "Indian actress says won't apologise for pro-Pakistan comment".  The Daily Times stated, "Dear you: Pakistan is not hell. Respectfully yours, Ramya.”

TV channel Geo News posted "How an Indian actress and politician Divya Spandana, more popularly known through her stage name Ramya, refused to apologise for her pro-Pakistan remarks after a sedition case had been filed against her."Indian actor-politician facing sedition charges for pro-Pakistan comments."

One person commented, "I'm a British Pakistani and had visited India couple of years ago and found that when I took a plane from Lahore to India, I had taken off and landed at the same place.The country is beautiful and people are just as beautiful and like us and no border can divide us just these so called politicians play with human feelings-Love you India, Love you Pakistan".

Another reader commented, "Indo-Pak should not drag ordinary people into conflict."

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