Pakistani boy kills sister over his ”poor handwriting”


A 11-year-old boy has been captured by police in Pakistan`s Lahore city for killing his minor sister for prodding him over his “poor handwriting”, the media investigated Tuesday.

Nine-year-old Eman Tanvir was discovered choked at her grandmother`s house in the city`s Shalimar region on June 30.

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Prior, the police had arrested the victim`s stepmother Saba for cross examination however later released her.

A senior police official on Monday said the sufferer and her senior sibling Abdul Rehman had come to spend Eid occasions at their grandmother`s house.

“The siblings held a handwriting competition when their grandma was not home,” the authority said.

He said Eman prodded Abdul for having poor penmanship. This irritated the kid who put a scarf around his sister`s neck and choked her to death.

The authority said Abdul additionally cut his arm and locked the door of the room from inside to hide his wrongdoing.

Later when the kid was questioned he admitted to murdering his sister.