Pakistani activist says love will always win despite all the hatred around


The war-like circumstance on both sides of Indo-Pak outskirt stays unchanged. But the late trades between Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj and a youthful peace dissident, Aliya Harir, on online networking brought some cheer when political language is getting curved by the moment with surging levels of feelings. Aliya, who had come to India to go to a worldwide youth peace celebration in Chandigarh alongside 18 different young ladies from Pakistan just before a war-like circumstance created at the fringe, is back in Pakistan now. In a telephonic meeting from Islamabad, she talks about her extraordinary bond with India…

“Look at how lawless our citizens are,” Kiran Shaw said in her tweet

The relations between our two countries being not exactly warm, did you confront any resistance from your family in any case?

This was my fifth visit yet all the 18 different young ladies whose assignment I was heading, were coming to India interestingly. What's more, I was overwhelmed with telephone calls from their fathers and siblings who let me know beta hamari beti ko persuade karo ki India na jaaye. When I came here before as well, my companions would say 'pagal ho. India kaun jata hai? Zinda wapis nahi aate wahan se.' The sort of misrepresented stories that show up in media place dread in individuals' psyche. In any case, when you by and by meet individuals from the opposite side, the myths and the buzzwords come apart. Contempt can never vanquish love. Every one of us were overpowered with the Indian neighborliness where they regard visitors as God.

Talking about accommodation, did you appreciate some Indian treats and shopping as well?

We attempted a considerable measure of road nourishment. Truth be told we had momos in Shimla and golgappe in Chandigarh. I think India has a considerable measure of differences in chaats and road nourishment. We simply cherished experimenting with assortments of golgappas. What's more, shopping was another stunning background. Numerous young ladies purchased phulkari sarees, dupattas, sindoor and mangalsutra. A portion of the young ladies even wore mangalsutra and sindoor immediately and they were worn out by our Indian companions who let them know 'abdominal muscle tumhari aadhi shaadi ho gayi.' Many of us even longed for meeting Shah Rukh Khan. Truly, while setting out to Jalandhar a hefty portion of us felt as though we are in Lahore and not in India.

With such a variety of similitudes in nourishment, scene and dialect, did you additionally discover any issues that are normal to the youths of both the countries?

I feel youth of both the nations, particularly ladies, require more stages to showcase their capacities. I have been functioning as a peace dissident throughout the previous three years individuals still let me know 'ghar ka kaam karo. Yeh sab rehne do.' And when I address my companions in India, a number of them are confronting comparable sexual orientation issues. So both the nations need to concentrate on such angles. Every one of these wars that our countries have battled in the past have just created passings. So both the countries have lost this clash of life and peace at last.

At 25, do you likewise need to fight the family weight to get hitched?

There is weight, however my dad who is a debacle administration specialist and my homemaker mother are sufficiently liberal to comprehend that I would prefer not to get hitched at this moment. However, I'm very amped up for my Indian companion who is getting hitched in January and I am returning to India to go to that.

I adore Arjun Kapoor, says Aliya

At the point when gotten some information about the prevalence of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan among the Pakistani young ladies, she says: "SRK and Salman are exceptionally well known in Pakistan however mera love Arjun Kapoor ke liye hai. I would like to meet him sometime in the future, at some point."

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