Pakistan won’t give Almeida exit visa, says former foreign secretary


New Delhi: Former Indian remote secretary Bhupatray Shashank has said that the Pakistan government won't take Dawn columnist and partner manager Cyril Almeida off the leave control list at any point in the near future, and included that essentially everyone in Pakistan is on that nation's limited rundown. 

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Almeida has been set on the leave control list taking after the written work of an article in which asserted that the non military personnel government's directions were being overlooked by Pakistan's military authority. 

"Well really, we don't have any such rundown, unless we have a rundown of Indians and nonnatives for fringe control so that the migration control would stop them while going out or coming in and after that they would check with the powers, who have put them on rundown. However, that is known as the confined rundown," Shashank told  media . 

"In Pakistan, for all intents and purposes everyone is on their confined rundown, so it has no significance and in the event that they have put him on limited rundown, which implies that they have chosen that not to give him a leave visa. Since everybody realizes that any Pakistani, who leaves Pakistan needs to have a leave visa, before going out whether to India or some other nation," he included. 

Shashank facilitate said that in India an international ID is issued on the bases of typical clearances, though, in Pakistan a travel permit is issued simply after a leave visa has been gotten by the individual concerned. 

"In this way, along these lines, anyone who comes to India, we should be tranquil clear all things considered that that individual has acquired a leave visa and has been cleared by Pakistan military and Pakistan ISI," he included. 

Almeida said on Twitter that he had been told his name was on the "leave control list", an outskirt control framework. 

The line ejected over his article in which he said the legislature had gruffly cautioned the military boss that Pakistan confronted seclusion unless it acted against home developed militancy. 

The administration dismisses the report, calling it "a created news story".

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