Pakistan should thank India for killing terrorists in PoK, says Adnan Sami


Singer Adnan Sami who belongs from Pakistan, has now taken Indian Citizenship this year. On Monday, he alleged that Pakistan should thank India for “a brilliant, successful, mature and strategic strike against terrorism in Pakistan- occupied Kashmir, last week.”

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On Sunday, Adnan Sami attended several award ceremony in India. He even congratulated the Indian Army after they performed surgical strikes that killed around 38 terrorists. He alleged, “My tweets were against a common enemy. An enemy that has been hurting both the nations and the rest of the world, too. If anything, Pakistan should thank India for finishing the terrorists.”

Adnan Sami asserted, “For years, Pakistan has been saying that they too are victims of terrorism. Here, when your neighbour is helping you out, you don’t want to even acknowledge it.”

After his tweets, the Pakistani singer was given the tag of a ‘traitor’ by several online users. But he doesn’t see himself as one, and said, “I never said a word against Pakistan.”

“They interpreted it in their own way and that’s why I wrote that they see Pakistan and terrorists as the same,” he says, adding that he is in awe of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I think the way our PM carried off the operation was incredible. He had so much pressure on him to do something about it, and he just held his nerve and got it done. I was proud of our PM that day and that’s why I took to Twitter to congratulate him. I never expected that my tweet will generate such a response,” he asserted.

Sami added, “I am not scared of anyone, except the Almighty. If it is written in my destiny that I will go back to Pakistan, then I will. I won’t be scared of going back.”

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