Pakistan Rice found infested with world’s most destructive insect pests


WASHINGTON: A dispatch of rice from Pakistan was discovered plagued with one of the world's most dangerous bug bugs, Khapra creepy crawly, by US traditions authorities at a port, authorities said. 

US Customs and Border Agriculture Specialists captured four Khapra bug hatchling cast skins in the shipment of rice beginning from Pakistan on September 8 at the Norfolk,Virginia port of section. 

The shipment was then sent back to Pakistan. 

The skins were found inside an ocean holder shipment under a plastic liner between the rice and the compartment floor, the US Customs and Border Protection said in an announcement. 

Examples were submitted to the US Department of Agriculture for testing and Norfolk Customs authorities got affirmation that the examples were Khapra creepy crawlies. This is the second Khapra bug recognition this year. 

There were three Khapra creepy crawly captures a year ago. It is thought to be one of the world's most damaging creepy crawly bugs of grains, oats and put away nourishments. 

Creepy crawly bugs, said to be short of what one for every penny of all species, are such bugs that feast upon, vie for nourishment with, or transmit sicknesses to people and domesticated animals. 

The Khapra creepy crawly is named a 'messy feeder' since it harms more grain than it devours, and in light of the fact that it debases grain with body parts and hairs.