Pakistan: Politician Son Died Due To Over Use Of Steroids


LAHORE: A Well Known Pakistani government Politician Son , who was into weight training, has Died evidently because of ‘excessive use of steroids”.

Ali, 26, the child of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman and Pakistan Mulsim League-Nawaz pioneer Siddiqul Farooq, Died on tuesday at his home.ETPB takes care of minority blessed spots in Pakistan.

Mr Farooq, the pioneer of Pakistan Mulsim League-Nawaz, told reporters he was Jogging when a security protect let him know that his SonĀ  Ali was not reacting to rehashed thumps on his room entryway at his living arrangement in Lahore.He was rushed to the Services Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Quoting doctors, Mr Farooq said his son might have died due to a cardiac arrest three to four hours before he was found unconscious.He said Ali was taking steroids as he was into body- building that might have been a cause of death.A few months ago the country has lost four of its elite bodybuilders allegedly due to consumption of illegal steroids.

Choosing easy route to achievement, the jocks, incorporating two medalists in the South Asian Bodybuilding Championship (SABC), have Died because of unnecessary utilization of these medications.As indicated by reports, steroids and body-improving medications land up in Pakistan unlawfully from Dubai and Iran, some of which are even past their expiry dates.