Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is ‘Ravan’, Hafiz Saeed ‘Meghnath’ in Ludhiana


LUDHIANA: In context of Dusshera festival, 10 headed Ravan will not be seen in Ludhiana at several parts of city. This decision has been taken by Azad Dussehra Committee, Milerganj following the Uri Terror attack which killed around 18 indian soldiers.

In Ludhiana, All Parents Association will celebrate Dusshera by burning the effigy of 'school mafia' in place of Ravan. It will use Pakistan PM as Ravan while Hafiz Saeed as Meghnath to mark the celebration in the state.

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Members of Azaad Dussehra Committee said, “This festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and this time Pakistan has committed a lot of evil activities at the border.”  

It added that, “India had tried its best to strengthen the bonds between the two countries, but Pakistan has backstabbed India every time causing damage to the country, its people and the armed forces. There is lot of anger among the residents and Pakistan should stop encouraging terrorism.”

Committee president Parminder Singh said, “Uri attack has shaken the whole country and that too when Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made all efforts to create a friendly environment. They are celebrating Dussehra for the past 42 years.”

He added, “Surgical strikes by the Army at terror camps across the Line of Control were a befitting reply. He said everybody knows about Hafiz Saeed and how he is trying to create disturbance in India. So we will burn his effigy too this time.”

Committee chairman Kuldeep Sharma said they would also pay tributes to soldiers who gave up their lives at the borders to save the country from the evil and will also raise tricolor during the celebrations. 

Advisory group director Kuldeep Sharma said they would likewise pay tributes to officers who surrendered their lives at the outskirts to spare the nation from the wickedness and will likewise raise tricolor amid the festivals.

In the interim, the model made by All Parents Association, Ludhiana, has notices of 'School Mafai' as the fundamental head of Ravan and nine heads portraying diverse schools.

Guardians will assemble at Bharat Nagar Chowk at 11am to blaze the representation. The thought was drifted by a parent amid a meeting of All Parents Association involving guardians of understudies examining in various schools.

As indicated by guardians, schools have been annoying kids and guardians by embracing diverse means.

Inderpal Singh Chawla, a parent, said, "Dussehra celebration delineates the triumph of good over shrewdness. Be it unjustified expense climb, building stores and different charges, business exercises or acting mischievously with youngsters – schools are hassling us in various ways."


Inderpal Singh Chawla, a parent, said, "Dussehra celebration delineates the triumph of good over underhandedness. Be it unjustified expense climb, building reserves and different charges, business exercises or acting mischievously with kids – schools are hassling us in various ways."

It might be reviewed here that, this year the new scholarly session of schools began with long and proceeds with challenge by parent of various schools. To determine things, the region reprobation needed to mediate and a different board of trustees was constituted for the same.

"Despite the fact that challenges have halted, yet our battle is going ahead against the school. Instruction fabricates future and with the commercialization of training, schools have ended up cash making establishments. In addition, schools are additionally disregarding numerous principles and bothering guardians," said Sandeep Singh, a parent, who recommended the thought.

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