Pakistan military generals main culprits of genocide in Balochistan, says Mehran Marri


Going to the noiseless vigil to pay tribute to the casualties of the Pakistani military in Balochistan, Baloch delegate at the United Nations and the European Union Mehran Marri said Friday that the Pakistan Army officers are the principle guilty parties behind these killings and they ought to be attempted and granted passing for their wrongdoings.

 "The primary offenders to be considered responsible for the slaughters in Balochistan are the military commanders who ought to be taken under the steady gaze of the universal criminal courts and preferably be hanged for the violations they carried out," Marri told. He said, "We are here to pay our reverence and regards to the casualties of slaughter and dump approach by the Pakistani Government which has begun lately.

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There are a huge number of casualties of this slaughter and dump approach." He included that the challenges are proposed to bring issues to light about the human rights infringement in Balochistan. "We would like to bring issues to light universally and particularly in the human rights committee, of the abominations Pakistan is conferring in Balochistan. I am exceptionally content with the high number of individuals present here that it has been extremely viable," he included.

 The dissent was likewise gone to by European Parliament Vice President Ryszard Czarnecki, who communicating solidarity with the general population of Balochistan against Pakistan's abominations, said the European Union may force financial and political approvals on Islamabad on the off chance that it neglects to stop the human rights infringement in the area.

 "I told the European Union amid our human rights wrangle about that if our accomplice nations don't acknowledge human rights and guidelines, in this circumstance we ought to respond and look for assents like a few moves in financial fields," said Czarnecki.

"We have respective monetary and political relations with Pakistan and on the off chance that it won't change its state approach towards Balochistan then we would change our mentality towards Islamabad and towards the legislature of Pakistan," he included. Expressing that Islamabad has double principles, the European Parliament Vice President said on one hand it demonstrates a spotless face to the world while on the other it enjoys human rights infringement. He likewise recognized the issue in Pakistan is that the administration is controlled by the military.

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