Pakistan : Hindu protest against sale of Om-inscribed shoes


Karachi : Hindu community leaders have expressed their anger over shopkeepers in different town and cities of Sindh selling shoes inscribed with symbol of ‘Om’, a sacred syllable in Hinduism, and urged the authorities to take action against their sale and the manufacturer. 

“Since past three years on the occasion of Eid festival, some shopkeepers in Tando Adam, have been offering shoes on which Hindu holy name ‘OM’ is displayed,” Dr Aramesh Kumar Vankawani, the chief of the council, told in an interview. “The purpose (of the sale) is just to insult the sentiments of the local Hindus,” Venkawani, who is the member of the national assembly from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League, said.

The Hindu leader said he raised the issue with the local administration but they took no action to stop and ban the sale of such sandals. He had to, he said, raise the issue on the national media because of the indifferent attitude of the local authorities. Vankanwani said, he would raise the issue in the lower house of the parliament on Monday so that effective action could be taken against the sellers.

The Council, in a statement said under the Article 20 (a) (b) and Article 36 of the Constitution of Pakistan, it was clearly guaranteed that the state shall provide security to the minorities but still it was unclear why such ruthless indifference was being shown by the officials. About three million Hindus live in the southern Sindh province.