Pakistan armed forces violate ceasefire along LoC in Rajouri District


Pakistani troops violated ceasefire along the LoC in Rajouri region, drawing countering from Indian troops.

"There was truce infringement by Pakistani troops along the LoC in Naushera segment of Rajouri locale", a Defense Spokesman said.

Pakistani troops shot 82 mm mortar bombs, utilized little and programmed weapons as a part of the discharging on forward Indian posts in Laam Battalion region in Naushera from 2030 hours to 0130 hours, the representative said.

Indian troops guarding the LoC struck back, he said, including nobody was harmed in the truce infringement.

Few rounds were likewise let go in Naushera area before the end of last night.

There have been 29 truce infringement along the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir after surgical strikes by the Army in PoK to disassemble fear take off platforms.

On October 16, Pakistani troops had disregarded the truce twice along the LoC in Naushera and Rajouri segments in which one jawan was martyred.

On October 8, Pakistani troops had terminated on forward Indian posts along Mendhar-Krishnagati segment in Poonch region bringing about wounds to a jawan.

Pakistani troops had on October 5 abused the truce thrice and turned to substantial shooting and mortar shelling focusing on a few Indian posts and regular citizen regions in three areas of Poonch and Rajouri regions.

Pakistani troops had on October 4 focused on 10 forward territories with mortar shells in four zones of Jammu, Poonch and Rajouri areas.

They shelled mortar bombs and started shooting from little and programmed weapons in Jhangar, Kalsian, Makri in Noushera segment of Rajouri region and Gigriyal, Platan, Damanu, Channi and Palanwala ranges of Pallanwala part of Jammu region and Balnoi, Krishnagati in Poonch locale.

Pakistani troops had on October 3 disregarded the truce four times and reestablished to overwhelming discharging and mortar shelling in Saujian, Shahpur-Kerni, Mandi and KG segments in Poonch region.

On October 2, Pakistan depended on shooting and shelling along LoC in forward territories in Pallanwala belt of Jammu region.

On October 1, Pakistani troops had shelled Indian posts and regular citizen zones with mortar bombs, RPGS and HMGS.

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