Pakistan: 43 dead in rains, flash floods


Nearly 43 people died and 61 others wounded in a heavy rain and floods that took place in Pakistan in just one week. The rain destroyed several houses and take the lives of several people.

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As per the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), about 11 people were died in Punjab, 15 others killed in Balochistan, 6 others in Sindh and 2 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It added that, massive rainfall occurred since a week and hit several areas.

More than 60 houses were smashed and roads were also destroyed because of the heavy rainfall in Pakistan.

In over 24 hours, four children in Waziristan lost their lives due to rain and flooding.

It however said that there was no flood in the major rivers which registered normal flow.

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“With the storm season occurring in the nation from July to September with variable force of precipitation, surges being the most intermittent wonders can cause a catastrophe and accordingly, posturing heap difficulties to fiasco administration structure of the nation. In this light, dangers of surge perils justify appropriation of a proactive methodology to manage the related difficulties,” National Disaster Management Authority expressed.