Pakistan: 2 dead as suicide bomber assaults paramilitary force

Police and security officers cordon off the area of a deadly bombing, in Lahore, Pakistan, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. Pakistani police say a large bomb has struck a protest rally in the eastern city of Lahore, killing many people and wounding others. A local police official said the blast occurred when a man on a motorcycle rammed into the crowd of hundreds of pharmacists, who were protesting new amendments to a law governing drug sales. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudhry)

Hayatabad: On Monday a suicide bomber hit a vehicle carrying paramilitary force members, 2 killed counting a main, and wounding ten others in northwest Pakistan.

Police officials have also conveyed that, in Peshawar’s Hayatabad area the suicide assaulters with explosive-laden motorcycle hit the Frontier Constabulary (FC) group at a traffic signal.

Two frontier police officials killed in the assault. Ten others, counting passersby, were wounded in the blast close to Bagh-e-Naran chowk in Hayatabad.

Two vehicles that were part of the group were totally smashed in the blast. Security personnel cordoned off the area following the blast as rescue services transferred the wounded to Hayatabad Medical Complex.

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