Pakistan: 18 killed & 52 wounded in bomb blasts


PESHAWAR: On Friday a rescue official has also further conveyed that, at least 18 people were killed and 52 offended when two bomb blasts were exploded outside a district court in northwestern Pakistan.
18 bodies were recovered of the lawyers, police personnel and civilians. In addition this, we rescued 52 wounded, counting lawyers, police personnel and civilians from the spot,” Haris Habib conveyed, chief rescue officer in the city of Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where the blasts took place.

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The military official has also further conveyed that, former, at least four suicide bombers attacked a Christian neighbourhood in northwestern Pakistan untimely on Friday, killing at least one security guard. Army representative Lt. General Asim Bajwa conveyed in a message on social network Twitter that, authorities “promptly responded” and all four attackers were dead.

In a separate report, the military’s information wing conveyed one security guard of the Christian residential area was killed at the start of the attack, at 5:30am. An official at the scene told that, the region is near Warsak Dam, in the Khyber tribal region 20km (12 miles) northwest of the city of Peshawar.

The report has also further conveyed that, the attackers, wearing suicide vests and carrying firearms, exchanged fire with security forces and were killed. They has also further conveyed that, two soldiers, a policeman and two civilian security guards were injured. The official conveyed the attackers might have been attempting to enter an adjacent security installation, by exploiting weaker security arrangements in the residential district.

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